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Aloha's kitchen production system is a complete, integrated kitchen video solution that can help you increase the speed, consistency and accuracy of your kitchen. Kitchen display screens can also give you the added benefit of reducing or eliminating your need for prep printers, saving you the costs of paper and ribbons.

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • Improve Speed of Service
  • Increase Order Accuracy and Reduce Waste
  • Track Speed of Sevice
  • Enhance Restaurant Efficiency
  • Balance Workload by Routing Items
  • Supports up to 16 Monitors
  • Color Coded Windows and Items


Kitchen Displays

Flexible Conifigurations
• Configure KPS directly through ALOHA
• Support up to 16 monitors
• Operate Wired or through Wireless
• Preset Thresholds to notify employees of timed cue.

Multiple Activity levels
• Easily adjust the number of active kitchen monitors to
effectively accommodate fluctuations in customer volume
and staffing.

Flexible Item Routing and Load Balancing
• Route entire orders or individual items from an order to
   specific prep stations.
• Route orders for multiple brands within one restaurant to
   the correct area of the kitchen.
• Send orders to alternate kitchen displays to balance the
   workload among various associates.

Order Recall
• View previously bumped orders to verify accuracy.

Bump Bar
• Reduce errant key presses and improve speed of service
with 16 large programmable keys.

Video Display
•Use a flat panel LCD, through a native DVI connection, or
standard CRT monitor.

•Easily monitor the system’s operational status, including
network link, activity, power and heartbeat, with four LEDs
on the controller’s front panel.

Built-in Redundancy and Rugged Hardware Components
•Withstand the harsh conditions of a food service enviroment   with durable, solid-state hardware.